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Our lawyer for the day

Our lawyer for the day is Lee Steinberg who, according to Kim Jordan works at Sony Pictures Entertainment. Kim reports that:

“Lee Steinberg has husband (Jeff) and dog (Nick) and is still in her native LA. She’s very happy not to be in the cold and snowy northeast.”

But, surely, there are more details available than this. And my daughters want some Sony movie memoribilia too! :-)


Kim was kind enough to

Kim was kind enough to provide more details on her clumbers:

“We have three of these Clumber beasts, not just Penguin. Chewy, who is nearly 9, was at the last reunion. He’s not quite as spry as he was 5 years ago, but who is? Penguin is 5, and we have Piper, who is 17 months. Does your daughter want to place an order on who comes to reunion? I doubt we’ll manage all three. (May not want to get her hopes up too high though. If Penguin has puppies, none of us may make it. I’ll be the only person missing reunion due to my dog’s maternity! I told the SO we had to have puppies before we tried children….)”

My daughters go for cute and enthusiastic, slobbering counts for extra. Please, no jokes about which of these preferences they inherited from their mother.

So, we get lots of details on the clumbers but none on Kim’s SO . . . then again, my wife gives minimal details about me to her class secretary . . .



Scott Berman reports: “I’m not

Scott Berman reports:

“I’m not certain on the details, but I think that Beth Bernheimer and Mike ? Harrington (I never know which one has which middle initial) have at least 4, if not 5, kids.”

Well, as best I can determine, 5 would be a record for the class. From an evolunary perspective, this would be that Mike and Beth have certainly been the most successful members of the class. But we need more details. Someone, somewhere must have a picture of the family.

I would also like 4 or 5 kids. My wife is happy to oblige, as long as I carry and birth any future children. We are still working on the details. Perhaps Mike can give me some tips . . .


Kim Jordan is the director

Kim Jordan is the director of computing at Carnegie Mellon University. Lest you think that this is all fun and web-surfing, you should note that Kim gets to spend time on things like the Year 2000 Bug. As someone who was involved in my fair share of meetings on this topic, let me assure you that it is not as glamorous as it appears.

However, it is clear that her real interests lie elsewhere. I hope that she brings Penguin to the reunion since my daughters love dogs . . . and my wife, who has different preferences, won’t let them have one, no matter how they plead. Kim says that she has “been trying to come up with a Shorb or Watson-worthy adjective for the dogs but
nothing has struck me quite yet.” Given the amount of time that Kim puts into this, I found her lack of adjectival generation to be nothing short of scandalous.



All those older pseudo-athletes (like

All those older pseudo-athletes (like me) whose knees are not what they used to be should hope and pray that Ken Alleyne attends the reunion. According to that site, Ken:

“After spending two years in financial business, Dr. Kenneth Alleyne decided to pursue his life-long interest in medicine on a professional level. He trained at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine and completed a research fellowship at Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. His residency training was undertaken at the Howard University Hospital. Dr. Alleyne recently completed a Sports Medicine Fellowship at Yale’s School of Medicine and is currently in private practice in Connecticut. Dr. Alleyne is also a founder of Morphogen Pharmaceuticals and an author of multiple published research papers, including a presentation on the longest follow-up on arthroscopic partial menisectomy in recreational athletes. Dr. Alleyne is a graduate of Williams College (MA).”

I wonder what profession will generate the most work-related questions at the reunion? Knee-doctor or tax lawyer . . .


For those who missed the

For those who missed the mass e-mail that was sent out, here it is.


Apologies for the mass e-mailing. I have sent this message out to the 100 or so people who have kindly sent in their blue reply postcards about our 15th year reunion coming up June 12-15. Sorry if you got this message by mistake. Here a few brief items:

1) We will soon have an official class e-mail list-server available through Williams. At that point, you will be able to send e-mail to everyone in the class. Once that is operational, we’ll be sending out another message with instructions.

2) We have a “blog” for the reunion available at:

Those who don’t know what a blog is can read about them at The purpose of the blog is to generate interest in and excitement about our upcoming reunion. I am currently the only maintainer, but I would be eager to have other people join me. I certainly need help with graphics and the like.

3) If you know of any links, pictures, gossip or random tidbits about someone in our class, please drop me a line (at any of my various e-mail addresses). I am constantly on the lookout for new material. I am also happy to get feedback about what you like or don’t like about the blog. Of course, the intended audience is not so much you (the 100 people who are most likely to come), but our classmates who might not otherwise see a reason to come. Also, if anything that I have written about you is inappropriate, please let me know and I will delete it immediately. My intent is to interest, not offend.


Dave Kane


We have sent out one

We have sent out one mass e-mail to everyone who sent in their purple post cards about the reunion and included an e-mail address. Perhaps the best response that this generated was:

“I will be out of the office until approximately May 1, 2003 on maternity leave. Please contact my secretary, Becky Severin, at 264-3956 and she will find another attorney to assist you.
Perkins Coie LLP”


1) Congratulations to Sonja! Surely someone out there has details . . .

2) Is leaving spaces out of your name a cool lawyer thing? A cool Washington State thing? A cool, I-am-a-partner-and-I-can-do-what-I-want thing? Perhaps I should try DavidKane . . .

3) Where’s my secretary? Hmmm. Should I be more jealous of classmates with secretaries or classmates who live someplace warm? Some many choices!


Brooks provided this most excellent

Brooks provided this most excellent link to Rapheal Johnson’s site. (Raphael graduated with us but started earlier. But this site is ecumenical! If you started with us or finished with us or had anything to do with any of us, then you are one of us!) Here is a nice picture of Raphael and family.

In the Kane family, all horseback rides (including 2 at a time) are provided by the Daddy. Mommy claims to have already carried the children for long enough several years ago . . .


Derek Molliver was kind enough

Derek Molliver was kind enough to provide this update:

“I saw your post on the blog and had to respond. It is kind of scary what you can find on the web. I am in fact waiting for a parking spot at the University of Pittsburgh, I’m doing a postdoctoral fellowship there in neuroscience, studying the molecular basis of pain. I just moved here from Portland, OR a couple of months ago, and I am still adjusting to being on the east coast again. We do indeed have a meeting in the Caymans, I won’t even try to justify it, it’s my only opportunity to go diving. Good work on the blog, it’s good to be back on the east coast again where people actually know what Williams is.”


1) Know where Williams is? All my (East coast) aunts and uncles still think that I went to William and Mary! But, as my lovely wife is always pointint out, my family should not be used as a reference point in such matters.

2) I recall an episode from “30 Something” — back in the day when none of us could imagine being 30 something — in which one of the characters talks about how all of life was spent on 5 activities, one of which was searching for parking. Surely there is someone who can provide me with the exact quote . . .

3) Studying pain. I hope that everyone remembers this key dialogue from the “The Princess Bride”:

“It took me half a lifetime to invent it. I’m sure you’ve discovered my deep and abiding interest in pain. At present I’m writing the definitive work on the subject. So I want you to be totally honest with me on how The Machine makes you feel.”

“As you know, the concept of the suction pump is centuries old. Well, really, that’s all this is. Except that instead of sucking water, I’m sucking life. I’ve just sucked one year of your life away. I might one day go as high as five, but I really don’t know what that would do to you. So, let’s just start with what we have. What did this do to you? Tell me. And remember, this is for posterity, so be honest — how do you feel?”

Extra credit for anyone who can come up with the speaker. I will avoid the cheap joke of comparing Pittsburgh to the Pitt of Despair.


4) Whaaaa! I want to go to Grand Cayman . . .


Dave Mochel does not seemed

Dave Mochel does not seemed to have aged a day since graduation. The blurb halfway down the page reports:

“Returning to Cate after an eight-year hiatus, Dave Mochel is a familiar face to many people on the Mesa. He joins us from Millbrook School in New York. At Cate Dave will be involved in both the science and human development programs, teaching Environmental Science and Sophomore Seminar. He is “excited by the opportunity the human development program creates to help students build awareness of who they are as individuals and as members of a community.” Dave will also be coaching both the girls’ and the boys’ varsity soccer teams and serving on the admission committee. He is the dormitory head in Long House, where he lives with his wife (Marnie Woehr), two sons (Keller and Eli), and two dogs (Whitney and Biko).”

The Cate School, where Dave teaches, seems almost too good to be true. How come I can’t live there? Note that all the time that Dave spent playing intramural soccer at Williams is serving him in good stead. In fact, wasn’t Dave one of the organizing forces in this? I seem to remember some funny stories about how, when they were organzing the teams, they divided everyone up into 3 categories (good, neutral and hindrance). I sudder to think about what category I was in.

Whenever my daughter wants to know why, if she wants to be a soccer goalie, she needs to learn skills for playing in the field, I always tell her about how all good goalies can play as well in the field — just like Dave. In fact, if memory serves, the main issue was getting Dave to play in the goal . . .

Note that, until people send me the facts, I am left with just my failing memory . . .



Bill Emptage has a nice

Bill Emptage has a nice photo up at Piper Jaffray. The blurb there reports that Bill:

“Bill Emptage, senior vice president of Strategy and Business Development, is responsible for the compan’s Strategic Initiatives, Brand and Identity Management, Communications, E-Business, and Public Relations. He also serves as a member of the U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Management Committee. Emptage joined the company in 2000 as Director of Preferred Access. In this role, he led the concept development and execution of a new business opportunity delivering differentiated product and service offerings as well as recognition to valuable customers of U.S. Bank. Prior to joining U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray, Emptage was an Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company, a leading management consulting and strategy firm. Prior to that he was a consultant for Bain & Company in Boston. Emptage holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Williams College in Williamstown, Mass. and an M.B.A. from the J.L. Kellogg School of Management at Nortwestern University.”

Evertime that I start to complain about the cold in Boston, I should think about what Minnesota must be like this winter.


Jocelyn Shadforth seems to be

Jocelyn Shadforth seems to be an assistant professor of political science at North Central College in Illinois. I can’t find any more details at the school website beyond:

Jocelyn D. Shadforth, Assistant Professor of Political Science. 1998. B.A., Williams College, 1988; M.A., 1991, Ph.D., 1997, Rutgers University.

Her dissertation (via ProQuest) was:

Citizens without a cause? Attitudinal effects, behavioral consequences, and the politics of ballot measure campaigns. Shadforth, Jocelyn Danielle, PhD. RUTGERS THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY – NEW BRUNSWICK, 1997. 133 pp. Advisor: Lau, Richard R.

But every little bit of detail helps. If anyone has better information, please pass it along.


Brooks provides an update on

Brooks provides an update on the Greylock garage issue:

“The garage will initially shock alums of our era when they return to Williamstown, particularly ex-WUFO players, although I think WUFO hasn’t practiced in the Swamp for some years. All things considered, I think it actually turned out well- its brick facade fits in well with Greylock. There is a strange wing like structure along the top that I’d like the designer to explain — it’s tough to gussy up a garage, but I guess that’s what they were trying to do.

Building the garage was phase one in construction of the Class of ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance (Herb Allen named the center in honor of his class) and you can check out that project here. You’ll note on the Site Map that Greylock residents will actually have to go through the center to get to and from their rooms — a design concept I never quite understood. Looking for the Admission Office? Gone-moved across the street to the end of Stetson Court. The Admission Office is now in Bascom House, a much needed improvement and it looks like they’ll stay there for good.”

Of course, the real question about admissions is Williams’s current and future plans concerning legacy admissions. The more political among you may have noticed that preferences for alumni children is an issue in the news currently, in conjunction with the Supreme Court’s decision to take a look at affirmative action at the Univeristy of Michigan.

But as I say, we keep the politics to a minimum here . . . at least as long as Williams lets in my daughers!



Today’s lawyer page is for

Today’s lawyer page is for Kerri Kazak. Alas, this is from a lawyer search directory that George Tolley has been using to track people down. Kerri also seems to be active with the Westchester Land Trust. But surely someone has some more information that they would like to share . . .


I stand corrected! Tracy Heilman

I stand corrected!

Tracy Heilman did indeed send in a very nice note, along with forwarding the blog to Brian and, I hope, others. She writes:

“I’m having way too much fun poking around the blog…thanks for ruining my productivity :)! Is there a way to subscribe to get e-mailed updates to the blog? Just curious if that is an option. I didn’t see it, but didn’t know if you could set it up or not. You piqued my interest in Google (wish I had stock in it, as I use it constantly!), so I went out to see what it had to say about me. Haven’t done that in a while, and came across a running picture of me on the “Fast Women” running site…that was kind of cool! Very motivating for me on a day when the temps are in the teens here and I have yet to get out the door for my daily run!”

My comments:

1) Is everyone (but me!) still keeping in shape? That would be quite distressing.

2) Here is the picture that Tracy mentioned.

3) In fact, Tracy has been one of my better correspondants. She also sent in (brillant!) thoughts on the blog:

“It is cool. I will have to tear myself away from it this morning so I can get some work done. Actually, I was surfing the blog while also participating in an online chat for work (in my pajamas with cup of coffee in hand…this is not a bad life!). I’m still doing the startup thing with Subimo, the company I co-founded back in May of 2000 with 3 other colleagues. We are still around (which we think says a lot), and are starting to get some good press and a list of pretty high profile clients. You can check us out at Our site is in need of a facelift, but that’s because we focus most of our energy on building our products, which is my responsibility! I work from home, which is either Chicago or Maine, when we can get out there. Hoping to get out to the reunion, perhaps at the start or end of a Maine visit. See you in June!”

4) Although I might prefer to be singing jazz in Paris, working at home in pajamas sounds like a pretty cool deal to.


Brian Watson sent along a

Brian Watson sent along a nice e-mail.

“I hadn’t sent in my postcard because I’m not really sure what will be up in early June. Although I still work for Microsoft (since 2001), I’m trying to start a business as an artist–hence the web site. I do arts fairs and festivals and may have a conflict in June.

The other possible conflict might arise from my beau-licious partner Hiro (as I vainly try to out-adjectivize Mr Shorb). When I left Japan for Seattle in 1998, he thankfully decided to come with me. But he needs to have a completed degree to find work here (he left college for a job in 1993 before graduating because the tanking economy there made finding a job outrageously hard for graduates). To get that elusive Bachelor’s he first needed English as a Second Language classes, which finished last year (thankfully). He’s now finishing his Associate’s (to prepare for entry into a larger school) and may be graduating in early June…

Suffice it to say that paying for a mortgage and tuition (Hiro cannot legally work here–ah the joys of being a homosexual in a hetero world! our ten years together count for naught in immigration law) leaves little room for airfare back East (and which is why my website seeks patrons for my budding business). I would very much like to see my dear friends Susan Thomas, Mollie Cavender and Tracy Heilman (who sent me the link to your site), so maybe a miracle will happen… :-)

Please greet your truly lovely wife Kay for me.”

My comments:

1) E-mails that say nice things about my wife will be printed instantly.

2) I would say that “beau-licious ” beats “filled with Chistmas spirit” and “rad”, but we really need more entries in our Describe-Your-Soulmate contest.

3) Although I appreciate Tracy forwarding the page to Brian, that is no excuse for not sending me news and links. Be wary: I have an imagination and I am not afraid to use it.

4) Brian’s website is here. Ephs with a better aesthetic sense than I can judge whether this is cooler that Austin Kelley’s, but it certainly did provide me with a way to figure out what the business was or how someone could hire Brian. Once Brian gives me better details, I will post them. It is the least that we can do to help him with his airfare fund. ;-)


The Record has an article

The Record has an article about parking at Greylock. My comment on this is not about the college not giving students parking slots. That’s par for the course and I think that I even agree. The issue for me was building the thing in the first place. I haven’t seen it, but apparently it takes the place of the beloved Greylock swamp. Does anyone have the details on that? The College should better understand that the lack of parking garages every few feet is one of the things that makes Williams wonderful. It should rarely, if ever, decrease the amount of frisbee-throwing space around campus.


My thanks for the e-mails

My thanks for the e-mails and suggestions. I am already quite behind, and we haven’t even sent out a message to the whole class yet! I have been thinking some about the best way to run the blog going forward. My original plan had been to post once a day. In that world, it makes sense to have all the posts just be in chronological order, as they have been so far. However, the volume of material seems to be going up enough to necessitate posting more than once a day.

And by posting during the day as well as in the evening I will make my boss and lovely wife equally displeased. ;-)

In any event, I will be switching to multiple posts a day and, therefore, having the posts made most recently at the top. The benefit of this is that it makes it easy to see if there is anything new. The cost is that the order of the posts is sometimes confusing, but I’ll do my best to control that.

No doubt this is overkill and only a handful of people will ever read any of this. But, the great thing about the web is that it is easy to convince yourself that you have a dedicated audience of thousands.

As always, your feedback is welcome.


In any competition about who

In any competition about who has the coolest job, Vicky Rummler has to come out pretty well. Or is everyone else in the class (but me) singing jazz in Paris?


Chris Shorb also gets big

Chris Shorb also gets big points in the Reunion Blog Sweepstakes for including the following tidbits in his e-mail.

“A bird come,
To my home,
And eat my bed!
Too funny!”

— Alexander’s first joke.

Tammy Shorb 5”7″
Alexander Shorb 3′ 1″
Benjamin Shorb 23″
Chris Shorb 5’11”

I suspect that Chris is not the only member of our class who is happier reporting his height than his weight — or am I the only one whose college pants are now kept more for their memories than for their use.

Perhaps I should just stop there for the evening . . .



Chris Shorb was kind enough

Chris Shorb was kind enough to send links on Austin Kelley, Kurt Oeler and Mark Huffman. Austin is an architect in LA. I can’t say that he has the coolest job in the class, but he definately has one of the coolest web sites. He also manages to combine his professional life with a teaching gig. For those who can pull it off, it can be the best of both worlds.

Kurt is the Director of Editorial Development at CNET. For those of you not among the digeratii, CNET is:

“is the world’s leading source of information and services for buyers, sellers and suppliers of technology, including IS/IT professionals, enterprise decision makers, executives, gamers and technology shoppers.”

I wonder of anyone in Williams C would have predicted that Kurt would end up at CNET, assuming that we could have even imagined what CNET would be back in 1984. Of course, on the top floor of Williams C, the big technical question most evening was whether or not Chris Jones (links needed) would spend more than a dollar on a phone call to a baseball information line to find out how his beloved Dodgers did. The tricky question was not spending the dollar; it was trying to guess whether or not the game was over so that the results would be available. If the Kurt of today could talk to the Chris of then about the free-flow of information, I wonder how the conversation would go.

Here is a fuller blurb about Kurt (thanks to George Tolley):

“KURT OELER is director of editorial operations for CNET, responsible for strategic initiatives and newsroom operations and contributing to business development partnerships. Oeler joined CNET in 1997, and recently has been guiding Broadband Report, a daily multimedia report featuring executive interviews and event footage. Previously he served as night editor and associate editor of the Enterprise Computing and Personal Technology departments. Prior to joining CNET, Oeler was associate editor of the Magellan search engine and associate editor of Historical Abstracts. Oeler has a B.A. in history from Williams College. ”

Of course, residents of Williams C might have better predicted Kurt’s fondness of rugby. Alas, I have no information on the new family that this press release mentions.

Mark Huffman is on the Board of Govenors of the Copley Society.

“The Copley Society of Boston is committed to the public support and advancement of the visual arts in New England and beyond. With more than 500 artist members, The Society provides young artists with an entry into the mainstream art world and acclaimed artists with a platform for exhibiting their work in Boston.”

If I can’t find any further information about Mark, I will be expecting Chris Shorb to either send me something or make something up. Otherwise, I’ll be forced to make up some stuff about Chris. Alas, the only Board of Governors that I am a member of is the Kane Family Harry Potter Fan Club, and, even there, I am only the designated reader. Such is life.


Today’s lawyer homepage belongs to

Today’s lawyer homepage belongs to Dave Meisels. Some may remember Dave as David Mason; his name change at the end of senior year — to honor his father, if memory serves — still sticks with me. My favorite Dave story is Rob Chase’s claim that after his first date with his wife, Dave told him that he had just met the women he was going to marry. I only met her briefly, but this only confirmed my opinion of Dave’s good judgement. And, of course, I am a sucker for any hopelessly romantic story like that one.

Alas, Dave does not seem to be a tax lawyer, so he can not help us with the charge-more-for-babby-sitters == marriage-tax-penalty debate.


Keep the e-mails coming in!

Keep the e-mails coming in! I still need more material. I worry that Google will start charging me soon.

Chris Shorb notes:

“I’ve got 2 kids (Alex 4, Ben 1.5) and rad wife Tammy. My Dad has volunteered to be a babysitter, but that doesn’t mean we’re loaded. Charging lots for babysitters is like the marriage tax penalty.”

I think that we need to have a contest for cool terms to describe ones soulmate (wife, husband, partner, dog, imaginary friend, whatever). Chris’s use of “rad” far surpasses my own previous use of “lovely.” I’ll raise him with “filled with Christmas spirit” since the Official Kane Family Christmas Policy is that we now put up the Christas tree the day after Thanksgiving and take it down on Super Bowl Sunday.

I’ll leave it to one of our tax lawyer classmates to elucidate why charging lots of babysitters is not like the marriage tax penalty.

George Tolley feels that Chris has one of the cooler jobs in our class. He runs Third Planet Comic and Games. But I think that Chris’s hobby is even cooler. Then again, any think that I think is cool must not be, at least that is my daughter’s firm belief.


There is some question in

There is some question in George’s mind about who has the coolest job post Williams. We will be reviewing some of his favorites over the next couple of days, but I sure do like archaeologist, and not just because I can’t turn on the TV without seeing a re-run of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc. In any event, Elise Friedland has a cool site. Although my daughters are still too young for The Mummy (I hope!), I know that they would like this page on Elise’s site. There is a lot of cool stuff in there, I recommend that you check it out. Or perhaps Elise could be cajoled into sending in some of her favorite links to us? Why, this blog could even be considered adult education!

In any event, I would wager that the professors in our class are much more likely to be good teachers because of their experience at Williams. Those without first-hand experience of how things are done at larger universities would be shocked. Anyway, it is no surprise to me that Elise was the “Most Recognized Professor” at Rollins, although I confess to being unsure of exactly what that means . . .


In keeping with our Vanderbuilt

In keeping with our Vanderbuilt theme, Brooke Ackerly is a political science professor at Vanderbuilt. Once again, my jealousy knows no bounds. I can’t find a home page for Brooke, but her book, Political Theory and Feminist Social Criticism, is available at Amazon. Note that people who bought Brooke’s book also brought books by Rosemary Tong, a teacher of philosphy during our time at Williams who left under unfortunate circumstances. She was my professor for Philosophy 101 — top of Hopkins Hall, standing room only, brought in coffee and hot chocolate for all the students once a week — and is one of the reasons that I became a phliosophy major.

And, if you are tired of hearing about my personal reminesces, then send me your own and I will gladly print them!


According to George, Ted Arrowsmith

According to George, Ted Arrowsmith as a cancer specialist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in
Tennessee. Alas, Vanderbuilt doesn’t provide much of a homepage for him. Ted also ran a blog — I knew that I wasn’t going to be the first — on the wonders of Tenessee Titans football. Alas, he hasn’t posted anything all fall, despite (because of?) the Titans having a fine season. I don’t even know if Ted is married, but such a quick drop off suggests “first child” to me.

But that is only guess. Someone please correct me.


Niraj Desai probably spent as

Niraj Desai probably spent as many years in training as anyone in our class. So, how come he doesn’t have his picture on this web page? Note also that his list of accomplishments does not include a wildly successful term as president of Carter House.

Although I am eager to see Niraj at the reunion — and demonstrate that I did not spend the rest of my life as a “Gary” (Was this a Carter House only term of derision or was its use more widespread? What is the etymology of Gary?) — I hope that I won’t have need for his professional services for years to come . . .


We is a link to

We is a link to some of Kirsten Sziarto’s recent work. Her abstract comments:

“Helen, Georgia, is one of two towns in the United States which, despite their lack of a prior history of German settlement, have adopted Bavarian themes to attract tourists. This paper examines how discourses of authenticity are deployed in contests over Helen’s place identity and its value. Promotion strategies rely on particular constructions of gender, of the local, and of community to create an “authentic heritage” for Helen.”

Our class has certainly followed a variety of career paths. Or perhaps there is some sort of cosmic connection between “discourses of authenticity” and “spectrum reallocation proceedings”? Suggestion connections will be printed in their entirety.


Today’s lawyer homepage belongs to

Today’s lawyer homepage belongs to Nicole Danath. Nicole

“assists corporations, trade associations and state and local governments with a wide variety of regulatory telecommunications matters, including spectrum reallocation proceedings and compliance with the Federal Communications Commission’s rules and regulations governing wireless telecommunications.”

Although I understand almost nothing about tax law, I think that I would be even more out to sea (lunch, whatever) on the topic of “spectrum reallocation proceedings.” But at least someone in our class understands something about how the telecom bubble bursting will be sorted out.


Many thanks for the responses

Many thanks for the responses to my recent spam e-mail. I’ll post everything that people have sent in over the next couple of days. I especially appreciate the pictures. I am still working on the technical details of uploading the pictures (and I would love to have some help from someone with access to a server on which we could store all the pictures), but that will come in due time. Special thanks to George Tolley who is a far more skilled user of google then I could ever hope to be.


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