Just back from a fun-filled meeting of the Central Committee of the Reunion, General Secretary Jack Philips presiding. Jack was looking remarkably well-rested, a state that I don’t expect to see him in for many months, given that his wife is expecting their first child anyday now. My advice to any soon-to-be father: get lots of sleep, see lots of movies, make friends with your mother-in-law.

Major topic was how much to charge for the reunion and who to charge it to. More official details will be on their way to you in due course. But, two quotes need repeating here. First, the question arose as to how much to charge for babysitters. (Not for a babysitter that you could hire at the reunion but for people who were bringing their own babysitter to the reunion. This gace rise to the comment:

“Anyone who is bringing a babysitter for a weekend event probably isn’t counting the dollars too closely.”

The second comment concerned 1987’s 15th year reunion last year. They went with a low price option ($125 per person). The comment from someone who had been there was:

“It seemed like a $125 reunion.”


But I need more quotes like this, so please send me stuff. I have added an e-mail address to the blog description. You send, I post.

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