Julie McGuire certainly has one of the cooler jobs. She runs Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventurein Des Moines, Iowa. I can’t find a reference to Julie at Zanzibar’s home page, but if you scroll down here, you can see a nice blurb and picture. The blurb says:

“Julie McGuire has been actively involved in the specialty coffee industry for the past 13 years. Beginning her coffee career in 1989 as a barista with Diedrich Coffee in Costa Mesa, California, Julie quickly became consumed with quality coffee. Hoping to share her new passion and knowledge of fine coffees with her home community, Julie returned to Des Moines, Iowa and opened Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure in 1993, one of the first roaster/retailer operations in the state.”

I quizzed Julie about the coffee business at the wedding of Chris Jones and Cecilia Malm (no links found for either) and quickly discovered that running a small business has almost nothing to do with what they taught us in ECON 101 at Williams.

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