Of course, I am doing my best to keep politics out of this blog (really, I am), but now that I have found the Williams Record on line, I will find it impossible to resist the occasional comment. Here’s an article on recent events at the college concerning the possible war with Iraq. Of course, the money quote from our point of view is:

“I do know this: American politics today is at its most conservative since the Reagan administration.”

Of course, from the authors point of view, the Reagan administration is ancient history. Heck, he probably wasn’t even born when Reagan was first elected. In another few years, Reagan administration will be to current Williams students as Eisenhower administration was to us.

The authors main point (claim?) is that not enough “conservative” views are presented to students at Williams. Well, cry me a river. His best line is: “Is this a vast left-wing conspiracy on the part of the College to deny us access to diverse opinions, or are the powers that be simply too caught up in their own liberalism to recognize the validity of ideas not their own? Both are scary scenarios. I don’t know which would be worse.”

I vote the latter, but what would I know?

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