Donna Lisker is Director of the Womens Center at Duke. If memory serves, Donna was roommates with my lovely wife back when we (wife and I) first started dating. I can only report that I am a much better husband than I was a boyfriend.


That’s my story and I am sticking with it.

As always, if I am getting the facts wrong in this or any other post, please send me better info and I correct the record.

It is nice to see that Donna (unlike most of us, or perhaps I am projecting) is keeping active with sports. My main sport this week will come on Sunday at around 6:37 PM. . . .

The Duke Magazine had a nice blurb for Donna. Here it is:

“Donna Lisker, assistant director of the Women’s Center at Virginia Tech University, will become director of Duke’s Women’s Center in April. She will be developing and implementing policy, programs, and support services for women, coordinating rape education and prevention programming on campus, analyzing university-wide, gender-related issues, and advising the Panhellenic Council. She taught two women’s studies courses at Virginia Tech and courses in women’s studies, literature, and composition in the University Writing Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she earned both her master’s and Ph.D.”

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