Today’s lawyer posting is for George Tolley. And, lest you think that lawyers only have fancy homepages, allow me to point out that they also put out newsletters. Note how George’s name is in the name of the firm on the website but not in this newsletter. That means, for all of you unversed in the dynamics of law firms, that our classmate is doing well.

By the way, please take my comments in the spirit in which they are intended. Some of my best friends are lawyers. Really! At least my mom and dad are.

In any event, before any of you WSJ editorial-reading members of the vast right wing conspiracy start ranting about the pernicious influence of trial lawyers on contemporary US society (and before all you doctors — that means you, my lovely wife — start complaining about lawyers and lawsuits, allow me to pass-along the comment that George made at our last year reunion. “You want me to be suing the doctors that we take to court.”

It is also pleasing to see that George is listed as an expert on economics. I am glad that someone I know understands this stuff.

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