Our first outsider hit! George Tolley, with no prompting from anyone, came across this blog today. He writes:

“Now, I don’t want you to get the idea that every trial lawyer has a nefarious, automated, multinodal surveillance network constantly seeking out self-referential information and potentially actionable slander. Not every trial lawyer has one of those, I assure you. :-)”

As best I know, this is the first time a member of our class has stumbled across the site. Hope that George won’t be the last. The lessons that you should draw from this are:

1) Send me e-mail and I will post your funny (?) insights for all to see.
2) George is so successful that he has nothing better to do that look for references to himself on the web all day. I am jealous!

George also pointed out that he is not the George Tolley cited below as an “expert” on economics. Who knew that there was more than one George Tolley? Who would have expected that our George wasn’t an expert in economics? I seem to remember him understanding ECON 255 much better than I did. George also notes:

“If it helps your blog, though, I was retained once as an expert in legal ethics (I am not kidding).”

Thanks, George. Everything helps the blog!

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