There is some question in George’s mind about who has the coolest job post Williams. We will be reviewing some of his favorites over the next couple of days, but I sure do like archaeologist, and not just because I can’t turn on the TV without seeing a re-run of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc. In any event, Elise Friedland has a cool site. Although my daughters are still too young for The Mummy (I hope!), I know that they would like this page on Elise’s site. There is a lot of cool stuff in there, I recommend that you check it out. Or perhaps Elise could be cajoled into sending in some of her favorite links to us? Why, this blog could even be considered adult education!

In any event, I would wager that the professors in our class are much more likely to be good teachers because of their experience at Williams. Those without first-hand experience of how things are done at larger universities would be shocked. Anyway, it is no surprise to me that Elise was the “Most Recognized Professor” at Rollins, although I confess to being unsure of exactly what that means . . .

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