Keep the e-mails coming in! I still need more material. I worry that Google will start charging me soon.

Chris Shorb notes:

“I’ve got 2 kids (Alex 4, Ben 1.5) and rad wife Tammy. My Dad has volunteered to be a babysitter, but that doesn’t mean we’re loaded. Charging lots for babysitters is like the marriage tax penalty.”

I think that we need to have a contest for cool terms to describe ones soulmate (wife, husband, partner, dog, imaginary friend, whatever). Chris’s use of “rad” far surpasses my own previous use of “lovely.” I’ll raise him with “filled with Christmas spirit” since the Official Kane Family Christmas Policy is that we now put up the Christas tree the day after Thanksgiving and take it down on Super Bowl Sunday.

I’ll leave it to one of our tax lawyer classmates to elucidate why charging lots of babysitters is not like the marriage tax penalty.

George Tolley feels that Chris has one of the cooler jobs in our class. He runs Third Planet Comic and Games. But I think that Chris’s hobby is even cooler. Then again, any think that I think is cool must not be, at least that is my daughter’s firm belief.

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