Hello All!

It appears David and I have worked out some of the technical kinks, and I am now able to “Co-Blog”! (Who would have thought 15 years ago that such a term would exist and that we would be doing it in our 30s!) At least we are not too old to be hip with some of the new technologies. I don’t claim to be a technical expert by any means, and I know just enough about the Internet and HTML to be dangerous, so I hope you will bear with me.

Lest this be a frivolous post, I will leave you with a bit of news about another of our classmates. I have it on good authority that Meg Thomas was married this past Fall. I was invited to the wedding, but unfortunately was not able to attend. I did get a holiday card from Meg and her new husband – they both looked very happy! I think Meg is spending long hours working as a doctor at one of the area hospitals.

I look forward to helping Dave gather and publish all the news of our illustrious class!

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