Scott Purdy provided the following update:

“I don’t have anything glamorous to report to the class, but I do enjoy my life. I teach at one of those New England prep schools I thought you all went to before Williams (for a while I though I was the only public school kid at The College). Becky and I have two daughters, Erika (just turned 6 yesterday!) and Cammie (Cameron – 2+), and we just spend the weekend at our house in southern Vermont. I bought a $39 roof rake (before this weekend I had only heard rumors of such an implement of destruction) and spent 4 hours pulling about 30″ of snow off the roof. Good fun, with the girls romping around in the snow and our dog, a beagle, bringing back bones from the woods (don’t ask). We all slept well.”


1) Sleeping well is the best revenge.

2) That is “glamorous”! . . . You should see what life is like in the Kane household.

3) I did my best to find some compromising pictures of Scott and Loomis Chaffee but was thwarted. The best I got was a blurb about Scott being the head coach of the JV girls basketball team. Note that they won their last game 38-22 against Deerfield. Scott sure has taught them some mean defense! ;-)

4) And I used to think that I was the only public school kid at Williams . . .

5) It appears that Scott teaches English, but our many loyal readers would like some more details . . .

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