Donna Lisker sent in this note:

“I have been at Duke nearly four years now, directing the Women’s Center and teaching for Women’s Studies. And, as you discovered, I still row for a local Master’s team here in usually balmy North Carolina (though at the moment it is well below freezing and the lake has big patches of ice). I have been happily married for 11 years to Paul Dudenhefer, who works as a managing editor with Duke University Press. I look forward to seeing you at the reunion. Please give my regards to Kay and tell her I still use the sewing labels she gave me in college!”


1) One of the purposes of this blog is to encourage more people to come to reunion. So, I’ll be highlighting some of the cool collections you can make, along with getting excellent tax law advice. For example, all you budding authors will want to me Donna’s husband so that he can help you get that book published! I’ll just go dust off my dissertation right now . . .

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