Mary Ulmer had already sent in a bunch of information. Apologies for the delay in posting. She failed to include the link to her home page, but Google knows all. She writes:

“I am a pediatrician and mother of two out here in the original Nike Town, Beaverton, OR. It is beautiful out here even if our state govt is bankrupt and people are the hungriest in the country. My job has been kind of sad of late, as I have never had so many parents laid off, without health insurance and some even without homes. It’s enough to keep my politics liberal. I make a lot of referrals to free help around town. I am looking forward to getting away from all that for a while and to seeing everybody in Billsville. We will get around the babysitting thing by leaving the kids with their grandparents in the Philly area.”

Mary also had news for my lovely wife — Kay (Fang) Kane.

“Kay will be seeing 3/4 of the old seniors in her old suite, because Donna Lisker, Lillian Kessler and I are coming with husbands in tow. This will be my John and Lil’s Jon first time at Williams as far as I know. Nobody knows where Karen Heineman has put herself. The last Donna heard, she was in WI being a veterinarian.”


1) Alas, these are the women who saw me, first hand, in bad boyfriend mode. But I am a better person now, really.

2) The only clue I can find about Karen is here. Alas, it is nothing but as writing class example that mentions her — presumably. Surely someone out there knows more.

3) “husbands in tow” — hmmm. If I were clever, I would write something funny about this.

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