Welcome Tracy.

Tracy and I will be co-blogging. Here is an update on our technical projects.

1) We are working on creating an e-mail account for the blog. This would allow people to send an e-mail to a single account and have it be bounced to both of us. Of course, we could just hack a hotmail account of some type, but I am looking for a slightly more elegant solution — especially since we hope to expand our roster of bloggers in the near future.

2) You too can be rich and famous — or at least famous — or at least have everyone who comes to reunion know you name. We need volunteers to help us with the blog and other related activities. First, we would love to have an list server administrator for the class e-mail list. Second, we desperately need the services of someone with a some artistic/graphic talent, or at least enthusiasm. As you have seen, there are a lot of pictures of us out there and much that could be done with them.

3) But the really cool project that we need a volunteer to head up is the Reunion History Book (for want of a better name). For the big reunions (25th and 50th), the class generally puts together a book for which people submit a paragraph or two about what the heck they have been doing since graduation, their reminisces (that’s right, I still don’t know how to spell check the blog) about life at Williams, a picture and anything else. I still remember, 20 years later, the book that my father’s class (Williams ’58 — hooray for legacy admissions!) produced for their 25th reunion. It was fascinating stuff. The nice thing about the blog (and related technology) is that we could do that now, and do a lot of interesting things with it. If you have any interest in taking this one, please let us know.

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