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Nicole Melcher has been continuing

Nicole Melcher has been continuing her work related to Japan and trade. Alas, we have set to convince her to sent in a proper update, so you will have to be satisfied with this series of pictures. No one seems to have the details on Nicole’s position, although Chris Shorb is making a plea for Yu-gi-Oh cards. It is sometimes strange to see the ways in which our lives our connected: Chris traffics in Yu-gi-Oh cards; Nicole ensures that trading in Yu-gi-Oh stays free and fair; I evaluate the company that distributes the cards in the US (4Kids Entertainment) — their stock price closed today at 17.59. We’ll see where they are come the reunion . . .

Of course, the Kane Family owes an endless debt of gratitude to Nicole and her fellow Williams C JA Lisa Mandl for ensuring that my brother Brendon made it through freshmen year. There were some who had their doubts at the time. Alas, we haven’t had the chance to pay them back as of yet — although I did my best to move the bottom of the grading curve lower in Williams Japanese classes . . .

Or perhaps we do! Here is a picture of Lisa’s daughter Imogen. I did my best to make this a picture that could be inlined (least I could do for all the many hours that Lisa spent trying to keep my brother on the straight and rugby — nihil in moderato!), but alas, my Photoshop skills are not what they should be. Lisa reports:

“I believe our last personal sighting was somewhere in the bowels of Costco in Dedham MA. Since then I have had a daughter, Imogen, who is 14 months old-source of constant joy, picture attached :) After commuting between Boston and NYC for five years, I moved to NYC and John (Ciolek ’87)and I are finally living in the same place. It is actually first time we have had the same mailing address since Williamstown. Don’t ask me how we managed a long distance relationship for all that time- I really do not know.”


1) All the very best people shop at Costco, although my wife, for reasons that are, at best, unclear to me, maintains memberships with Sam’s Club and BJ’s as well. We don’t discriminate in the Kane family!

2) Imogen is a pretty unique name. It is not among the 1,000 most common baby names in the US. I tried to figure out its origin. Alas, google produced some inappropriate cites when the name was keyed in. (No, I will not be providing a link for Imogen Bailey on this family-oriented blog.) I did find that:

“IMOGEN f English
Derived from Gaelic inghean meaning “maiden”. This name is borne by a character in Shakespeare’s ‘Cymbeline’.

I’ll be curious how Lisa and John picked the name. It says a fair amount about my psyche that I named my daughter Cassandra . . .