Apologies for the hiatus in posting…had an emergency trip to NYC this weekend (where I was absolutely thrilled to learn that the national terror threat level had been raised and the subway was considered a target…this all after wondering if I was going to get into NYC in the first place, due to snow!). Now that I am back to my speedy Internet connection, I can pick up my Google research where I left off. A few tidbits before returning to playing catch-up at work!:

Stealing a page from Dave’s book, our lawyer of the day page belongs to Jim Hartnett! It looks like Jim and Anne are living in Minnesota, and Jim’s practice area relates to construction. Perhaps something that will be of interest to anyone at the reunion who is in the midst of building a new home to house all the kids our class has produced! Am I one of the only ones who does not have kids yet? I am starting to feel woefully inadequate!

Google also helped me to locate this picture of Sheldon Jobe (at the top of the page). It appears that Sheldon works at KeyLogic Systems, and that is about all I could find out about Sheldon from Google. Sometimes Google does not give up a lot!

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