I am doing my best to find interesting campus related links, but there isn’t a whole lot to choose from. The Record is OK, but seems less interesting than I remember it being. Perhaps it is just the natural lull of winter study into spring semester. The Record does have a blog, but there are two problems with it. First, they don’t seem to provide a way to link to individual posts. So, even though I found a recent posting comparing the weather in Williamstown to that at the North Pole amusing (no points for guessing which was colder), I can’t provide an simple link to it. (Admittedly, Tracy and I don’t make it easy to link to individual entries in this blog, but it is hard to believe that there is much demand for this.)

The second problem with the blog (and, to a lesser extent, with the Record editorials and Op-Ed articles) is that they don’t focus enough on Williams specific issues or on the specific relevance on national issues to Williams. Here is an article on affirmative action. There is nothing particularly wrong with the article, but if someone (student, professor, web-surfing alumnus) wants to get an overview article on affirmative action, they will probably read what someone in the New York Times or Wall Street Journal has to say. As gifted a writer as Joe Buccina may be, it is hard to believe that his writing will be as good as that of the professionals.

Which isn’t to say that Joe shouldn’t be writing articles on affirmative action. He should! Indeed, your humble class blogger was doing much the same 15 years ago. But he should be focussing on Williams. How much affirmative action does Williams practice? How much should it practice? Would Williams be a better place if Katie Kent’s position in the English department were given to someone else, someone who was perfectly well “qualified” but who was not quite as good a teacher or scholar as she is? I don’t think so, but addressing the trade-offs at Williams would make for much more interesting reading.

The Record does much better when it focusses on College issues. Like anyone working in a large city, I am endlessly fascinated with parking issues. Here is a fine editorial on the topic from the Record. The Record

As you can tell, Tracy and I have just about run out of e-mail updates from the class. So, it will soon be back to the random Google for us unless, that is, you help us out.

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