Some Google leads from Brooks Foehl:

“Lawyer Lew Collins – in-house counsel for a financial co. on the North Shore”

Dekker Buckley and Tim Bock – two classmates who have been at their original jobs since graduation- Dekker with Chubb, Tim with Credit Suisse First Boston”

Britta Bjornlund – Whatever it says she does (writing middle school history text?) it’s all a front for this CIA operative, at least that’s the theory.”

“Find my Needham High School classmate Cathryn Hope Clayton who has spent many years in China. She’s a prof. at University of Macau”

Comments/Further Research:

  1. Between Google and the Alumni Directory, I’m able to piece together that Lew appears to be at AMG, but I can’t find him on their Web site. I did find something that indicates he is on the Wellesley Little League Board, though, which sounds like fun!
  2. A Google search produced several race results for Dekker, but nothing on his employment. It appears that I would probably be able to keep Dekker in my sights for most distances, but he would probably still beat me solidly…darn (not that I’m competitive or anything!).
  3. It’s also not easy finding info on Tim, partly because Google thinks it’s a pretty popular name! I did find a press release on the CSFB Web site from May 2001 that indicated Tim was Managing Director and Head of the Equity Derivatives Marketing Group for North America. That was a while back, so Tim wil have to udpate us. I did find a 5k race result for Tim, and I’m afraid Dekker and I would both probably beat him in a 5k (sorry Tim!)…but who knows what would happen if we challenged each other to a race?!
  4. It is a little hard to tell from Google (because there is a LOT out there about her!), but it looks like Britta is involved with an organization called the Open World Program, which focuses on Russian Leadership Development. Here is one press release Britta wrote recently that might shed a little light on the organization. And, lo and behold, I found a picture of Britta here. (I tried to inline the picture, but it appears I need remedial training – she is in the 3rd picture down)
  5. Finding info on Cathy is not a piece of cake, but here is a profile of her and her area of focus at the University of Macau.
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