Participants in the Williams Trivia contest from years past may wonder how the conduct the contest in the age of the web. Well, here is a link to the most recent contest. Some items of note:

1) The contest was held in January. If memory serves, the old contest was held after the last Friday of classes in December so, even though you knew that you had reading period ahead to catch up on work, it was a semi-serious sacrifice to participate.

2) I’ll always regret not participating. But at least I got to watch Chris Jones try to carry all of Williams C on his shoulders.

3) In our constant search for material (more on this later), we would be glad to print fond memories of your time playing trivia. Does anyone recall their favorite team’s name? You can see, I think, the current names here. My personal favorite was the time that two teams both chose “Frogs Without Hemoglobin” — the title of a recent biology talk — as their name, thereby causing much confusion.

4) The set of questions are quite clever. You can almost see how they are moving away from things that could be easily googled. Fortunately, none of the items in the Williamsiana portion of the night actually occured while we were on campus. When that happens, we’ll know that we are too old.

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