Our lawyer site for the day is for David Greenberg. The firm he is at is called Greenberg Traurig, but, as best I can tell, he is not that Greenberg. If he is, then I know who the class agents should be very nice to at the reunion. Of course, I realize that they will be nice to everyone.

Speaking of class agents, I would be interested to know a little bit more about how they operate. Is the fact that I have had several different agents assigned to me over the last 15 years a sign that:

1) I am really popular and all the agents want me on their list.
2) I am really unpopular and so the new agents always get stuck with me.
3) The agents make a practice of mixing thigs up every few years.

Getting back to David, the website notes that he has been involved in some pretty interesting deals. The Terra Networks Lycos combination was certainly an example of the bubbling stock market at its frothy peak.

Alas, I couldn’t find anything about David’s family on-line. As always, pictures are gratefully accepted.

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