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Brooks Foehl was kind enough

Brooks Foehl was kind enough to send an encouraging e-mail. He says that I should, “Go nuts with the scanner- we need more photos of Hart Murphy, etc. to jog those memories!” Well, Brooks wish is my command. Does this jog anyones memory?


1) This is Winter Carnival 1986. I believe that the drinking age is 21. So, it follows, presumably, that only one person is breaking the law here. Hint: It isn’t Britta or Mike.

2) The editors of the year book in 1986 liked the top event so much that they have another picture of it in the book. But I think that this is more complimentary to our faithful class secretary Mike.

3) As always, if something in this blog strikes you as inappropriate or uncomfortable, please let me know and I will remove it. I have received one request along these lines so far and I was happy to oblige. This blog is meant to elicit nothing but smiles and (occasionally rueful) chuckles.