Political junkines will recall that March is the month for College Council elections at Williams. If you, like me, love the gnitty-gritty of representative democracy in action, then you’ll enjoy surfing around these pages. Some of the highlights include the section on current council projects as well as the archive of council minutes. The latter will prove to be a great resource for future reunion bloggers.

The site is maintained by C. Prosper Nwankpa, who would certainly get a nomination from me for coolest name for a current Williams student. Or perhaps I am just baised because he quotes poetry (and nicely rhyming poetry at that). The full text of the poem he sites, by Arthur Hugh Clough, can be found here.

Of course, current reunion bloggers have to rely on their trusty scanners. Who can recall the 5 candidate slates for College Council President and Vice Presdent from our year? Here are the first 3:

Of course, the Nerd Ticket ran the most amusing and brillant campaign that I have seen in many a year. Indeed, I would wager that if the “humor” vote had not been partially split by another slate (with their move produced by future Emmy winner Mark Solan), Ken April and Nathan Schmike would have made the run-off against Carter Zinn and Nicole Melcher. Alas, I didn’t save any of the Nerd material (although you can see some of the platform in the background of the picture above). If anyone did, I would love to be able to post it.

I have been looking around for information on the current candidates, but all I could find was this link.

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