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Scott Berman sent in some

Scott Berman sent in some comments

Since my name is now being used in vain, I thought I’d better step up.

First, I’m stunned by the recent postings. Not only was I not aware that I had a twin, but also I had no idea he went to Williams with me!! I must admit that the guy in the trike race certainly looks like me, but I don’t remember anything like that picture. I don’t remember the shirt at all, I can’t think of any reason I would have supported Sage A over my beloved Williams E, and although I remember being reasonably friendly with many of those in the picture, I don’t think I knew any of them that well until sophomore or junior year. Plus, anyone who knew me well
freshman year would know that I certainly never owned a Prince baseball cap. Brooks, I’m disappointed that you would have missed such an obvious clue that something was amiss. The only other possibilities are that a) I was trying to infiltrate the enemy camp as a double agent in an effort to sabotage their trike, or b) I had been hanging around with Ann Munchmeyer too much and simply don’t remember the entire day.

Anyway, you asked for reminiscences and the trike race reminded me of another Freshman Quad tradition: I can’t remember what it was called, but somehow our JAs convinced us that at midnight you had to run all the way around the paved streets of the quad before the church clock finished its 12 strikes. Because it was Williams, I remember that this was only attempted in Winter, and only when the street was a solid sheet of ice. Of course, given the time of evening, most of us “racers” had just returned from the Log, which certainly didn’t help. The only guy I
ever remember making it all the way around was Pete Grose.

Speaking of Pete, and of spies, I saw Pete and Britta Bjornland in Washington DC a few months ago. I asked Britta if she was a spy and she denied it. Good enough for me, but I still think her current job seems like the perfect cover for recruiting Russian agents. Here is a link describing what she does.

I also caught up with Stu Staley in London last week for dinner and a few beers. Unfortunately, I had a colleague with me who probably learned a lot more about me than she needed to know. So, here’s my chance to get even. The last time I had seen Stu was on the eve of his appointment as head of international wholesale energy marketing, trading and generation for AEP. This press release came out the next day.

We also made a $100 bet about reunion. The details will have to remain secret.

Note that we have featured said press release about Stu’s activities in a previous entry, but it always a pleasure to note compliments for a classmate like:

“Stuart Staley has a strong background in energy markets,” van der Walde said. “His leadership of the coal and freight trading group has been impressive. We are operating in international markets that have undergone significant changes in recent months, but we are committed to the markets – and to our strategy – so it is important that we make changes necessary to continue our success.

“Stu will keep our international operations moving forward.”

Note that the prior occupant of Stu’s new position “resigned to pursue other opportunities.” It is unclear to me whether we should hope that the same fate does befalls Stu or not.