And here is our latest year book photo page.

If these are not that interesting, someone should please tell me. For me, they bring back many memories . . .

The mystery man here is, of course, Chris Jones, doing his best Jim Morrison impression. Alas, Google is a useless tool for tracking information about him. The last that I heard (via a birth announcement that I no longer have for scanning purposes) is that he an Cecilia Malm were recently blessed with the birth of Emma. But it would be nice of someone could provide a better update.

I am somewhat suspicious of the provinence of the picture. The radiator does not look like something from Chris’s room (next to mine) senior year in Carter House. That was, also the location of the WUFO Captain’s Water Bed, a traditional piece of furniture that must (surely!) have been lost somewhere down the ages. I leave it to Chris and Cecilia to explain this reference to young Emma, should it ever come to her attention . . .


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