I was getting somewhat tired of the page by page march through the yearbook, so I thought that I might try something new.

How about that?

I am a bit of the family historian, so all of the saved correspondance between my father and his parents has come down to me. He was class of 1958 and lived in Williams C his freshmen year, as did I and my brother, class of 1990. Above is, obviously, the mailing that was sent to the parents about Freshmen Parents Weekend 49 years ago. I have some more material along these lines that I will be posting in due course.

One of my daydreams is to turn this blog into something that would continue beyond our reunion. I, for one, would certainly be interested in a little piece of Williams on the web, something that would allow alums to both reminisces about their time at Williams and keep up on current events on campus. If anyone else would be interested in such an exercise, please let me know.

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