Of course, Jody Abzug knows all the answers. With regard to this set of pictures, she notes:

Even though I promised myself I would let others respond I couldn’t miss the opportunity to prove you mostly wrong (just like old times!). I can identify all but one person on that yearbook page. Of course the mystery person is in the first photo on top but then, its Bob McLean, Tim Farnham, Karen Olson, Nick Beatty, Dirck H., & Carter Zinn.

In the next line of pics its Karen Olson (solo); Carter Zinn (solo) and Russell Werkman & Tim Farnham.

Next row it’s Michelle Lowe & Rosemarie C. and Mike Friedman, Tim Yarter & Chris Pachus.

The bottom photo is of Dewey House residents (and frequent visitors)
Top Row: Chris Pachus, Tim Yarter, Amy Thompson, JR Rahill, Tom Newhall, Chris Leights, Mike Friedman & Jon Edie
Bottow Row: Scott Kessler, Dave Caswell, Michelle Lowe, Rosemarie, Bernadette Gaffney Tyler & Jane Amidon

For the person that Jody left out, I want to guess Theresa Lee, but I can’t find pictorial evidence in either Facebook or Yearbook to bear that out. As always, suggestions are welcome.

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