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Moving from politics to political

Moving from politics to political science, here is a yearbook picture from 1986 of the political science department.


1) Different yearbooks emphasize different aspects of life at Williams. It looks like the 1986 yearbook is the only one with significant pictures of the faculty. If anyone would like to see other departments, please let me know.

2) Casual squash players will recall that Professor Mac Brown was always looking for a good pick-up game. I wonder if he still plays?

3) You can see the current faculty in political science here. I am not sure if this page is completely accurate since it fails to include Professor Cook, who, as best I can tell, is still at the college.

4) I believe that Professors Mac Brown and Tauber are now emeriti.

5) For extra credit, comments on how Professor Stiglicz’s comments would apply to the controversy du jours, i.e., “Maintaining investments in companies that do business in Isreal by using the endowment is in itself a political statement.” My own opinions, on this topic, haven’t evolved much in the last 15 years.