Scott Berman, staying up way to late into the night, provided the following thoughts on the picture below:

Brooks may be better at this than me, and I’m working off of a laptop with a small screen and poor resolution, but here goes:

The guy standing is Tim Bock. If it’s not him, then it’s amazing because I know there’s a picture of Tim exactly like it in our year book. I also think I see Ann Munchmeyer (Healy), Pete Grose, Brooks Foehl, me (though maybe it’s that Sage JA again), ?, Lisa Phillips, Bill Hilty, Dave Greenberg, and Scott Purdy (lower right). I can’t make out any of the people in the background, but probably would find some 88ers there. One of the guys standing in the top left background looks vaguely like Rob Pucciarrello (sp?), but I don’t think that it’s him. When I return home this weekend I’ll see if I can do better with the real yearbook.


1) And I thought that I was the only one who kept all 4 years worth of yearbooks!

2) The picture is from page 14 of the 1986 yearbook, should anyone else want to take a closer look.

3) If the pictures on the blog are not of high enough resolution, please let me know. I can make them (much) high quality, but I am looking for a balance between clarity and download time. Comments welcome.

4) Real question: Why are Ann and Tim cheering so strongly while most everyone else is not? There must be a story there . . .

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