The latest edition of the Williams Record is online. Highlights include an article on the men’s basketball victory in NCAA Division III and word that tuition has been raised to, gulp, over $35,000 per year.

I am no mathematician, but, at this rate of growth, Williams will cost around $200,000 for four years by the time that our children are ready to go. I have two daughters so . . .

I think that I need to work harder.

Instead, I’ll just note that there is a fine remembrance of Whitney Stoddard by Professor Eugene Johnson. Best paragraph:

Whitney loved Williams, from which he had graduated in 1935. But that love was not blind. He delighted in pointing out its weaknesses, sometimes with an earthiness intended for a select audience of colleagues. Puffery drew his scorn, and the bureaucracy created in the years before his retirement a wry sense of outrage. In his final address at a faculty meeting, he did an iconographic analysis of Hopkins Hall, the administration building (in its state before the addition was built). He noted that projections from the building marked the offices of the president and the dean of the College. The Dean of Faculty and Provost, however, lacked an appropriate projection on the southeast corner, where they had their quarters. He proposed to honor them with a tall chimney to carry the smoke created by burning all the new paper work they had mandated.

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