Here is the next page from our yearbook. Although many of us have suffered from the passage of time, it is good to see that Yoda seems as spry as always.

Note that there has been a dramatic drop in the number of e-mails that we have received with links, comments, suggestions and so on. Remember: This is your blog. Without continuous input for our faithful readers, we will attrophy away to nothingness. Interestingly enough, we still seem to have a steady audience, although these numbers do need to be read with a grain of salt.

George Tolley notes that:

If nobody else has answered this question, the person Jody could not identify in that picture with Kathy Wolf — between Debbie Zalesne and Ellen Lee — is Carey Francis. What do I win?

George wins free display of a picture of his lovely wife and charming children on this blog. Just send it in George!

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