Williams Students Online (WSO) has a cute advice page. It’s not quite as funny as the Record’s 1 in 2000 feature, but still nicely done. I especially liked this exchange about “What is the best piece of advice you could give to an incoming frosh? What is the worst piece of advice you could give to an incoming frosh?” The answer from “Boppers” was:

Best: Find Balance. Play hard, study hard, but avoid overdoing either. Make sure you try new things and explore your new surroundings, but keep yourself grounded in who you are and who you want to be. While your college days will be among your best, they are only four short years. Worst: “Don’t worry about choosing a major, you have plenty of time.” In reality, if you wish to study abroad for all of junior year, you’ll have to finish a decent chunk of your major requirements before the end of sophmore year. So, try new things, but keep your eye on the ball, you need at least eight courses in a single major to graduate. If you’re going to stick around junior year, you’ll have more flexibility.

Would any of our readers have another take on the topic?

One topic that is near and dear to many of us is that of Eph/Eph marriages. Statistician that I am, I used to tabulate the marriages in each issue of the Alumni Review. For the most part, 20%-25% of all alumni who marriages were reported in the Review for classes after 1980 or so were married to other Ephs. The proportion seemed to be higher for later classes. Of course, intra-Eph (inter-Eph?) marriages are much more likely to make it into the Review, so I would say 20% would be a fair estimate. I would suspect that the new housing lottery would raise this, but that is speculation. I would wager that the 40% figure cited is wildly off the mark, but I remember hearing similarly high estimates while we were undergraduates.

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