I just got my first issue of EphNotes, “AN ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTER FOR WILLIAMS VOLUNTEERS”, in ALL CAPS. This is a e-mail that I have heard mentioned in the past, but which I now get for reasons that are unclear to me. In any event, there is no reason to be jealous, since they plan on sending it out to every Williams alum for whom they have a mailing address in the near future. If they really go through with that, I would recommend making it a quarterly rather than a monthly item (with perhaps a webpage where the more interested among us could go more often). Actually, what they really need is a good blog. Hold on! That’s our niche. ;-)

In any event, the more interesting item was about the recently awarded Pulitzer Prizes.

Eph journalists Sonia Nazario ’82 and Shawn Boburg ’00 were recently awarded Pulitzer Prizes for their writing. Nazario, writing for the Los Angeles Times, took the prize for her feature about a Honduran boy’s search for his American immigrant mother. Boburg collaborated with other writers at the Eagle Tribune in Lawrence, Mass., to take first for a breaking news series on the accidental drowning of four boys in that city late last year.

The article by Nazario, direct link here, is engrossing.

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