I used the WSO advice page to ask a question about this blog. They suggested:

Email your classmates. Most of you fogies are probably on the web by now. ;) You might also put something about your blog into the alumni review — people read their class notes. Beyond that, get your friends interested, and try to get them to pass the word on to other alumns they know. If visitors can post to your blog, you might consider a section where people can write about what’s new in their lives. That would certainly generate interest for a reunion.


1) I realize that the “;)” indicates that the child-writer is joking, but, thinking back to when I was 20, I certainly thought of a man of mature age (37) as closer to fogie-land than he was to me.

2) Frequent blog visitor Mike Harrington has promised a mention in his next column.

3) I am not smart enough to get a comments section working.

4) I have meant to try something along the last piece of advice for some time now. Recall our short-lived “I remember feature . . .”.

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