Julie Cranston’s Eph Blurb

After school I went to work in advertising and PR in San Diego for a year. Then moved up to San Francisco where I worked at various advertising agencies until I got married in 1995. In my spare time while I was single I volunteered for a treatment center for traumatized youth, the pediatric unit at Cal Pacific, and chaired the publicity committee for Race for the Cure. A good friend of mine passed away from ALS right before my wedding, so while I was pregnant, I helped get the San Francisco chapter of the ALS Association started and served on their board for a few years after that. We had our first baby in 1996 (yes, she’s legal by 4 weeks!) and second girl in 1999. During that time I was still active with ALSA and with various school auctions, etc. We moved in July, 2000 to London for my husband’s job with Providian (which, thanks to Enron, wasn’t the biggest loser of 2001!) We moved back to the States, to Sudbury, MA in July, 2001. Everyone is very involved in the Sudbury schools and community and it’s a great place to raise kids. Luckily it’s close enough to Boston (and my sister who teaches in the Art History department at Boston Univeristy) so I don’t go completely crazy out here in the “sticks”! :) I’ve started a women’s club here called the Greater Boston Women’s Club where the only objective is to “get out of the ‘Bury”!


1) I am pleased to see that Julie’s daughters are the same ages as my daughters. Given that they all play soccer, this virtually guarantees that we will cross paths sometime in the next decade or so.

2) Julie is not currently planning on attending reunion, citing “various lessons and soccer games, etc.” If you think that this is too bad, you should e-mail her and urge her to come. My daughter Michaela’s team, the Himalayans, will be doing their best to struggle on without her and me that week-end.

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