Bill Pike’s Eph Blurb

Your offer to make something up about me is tempting, just to see what you would fabricate. In the name of diligence and spoil-sportedness, however, I will fill you in on the facts. I am sure that you will make a judgment call and print what you will, I only ask that you try to balance your First Amendment rights with the standards of libel.

I took a 1 year detour right out of Williams to Colorado with Rob Rau, back in the ’80s, but have been living in the Boston area ever since. Most recently, to Michael R. Harrington’s great amusement, I bought a house steps from his childhood home. As a rakish city dweller he shudders at my suburban lifestyle, occasionally muttering something about another Pleasant Valley Sunday.

I work for the Boston office of a very large accounting firm. That is right, I am an accountant (Massachusetts CPA license #18686), in a specialty practice, advising financially distressed companies regarding efforts to reorganize operations and restructure debt (operating issues, cash management, capital structure, tax matters, bankruptcy, etc.). If you care to hear specifics I will send our brochure, but I am pretty sure your solicitation for news was not intended to elicit a marketing pitch. Suffice to say that it is mostly interesting and exciting work, though it entails a lot of travel (I spent about 40 of the last 60 weeks in Puerto Rico, a fairly typical run rate), and an ability to suffer fools patiently.

Far more important to me than Executive Platinum status and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act are Amy (my wife of 6 years), and my children Lucy (4 years) and Calvin (1.5 years). I have been getting in touch with my creative side, at the behest of Lucy, a budding director/multi media artist. Happily, both my kids are still too young to recognize my musical and artistic shortcomings. They are indescribably great, and are the focus of much of my life. I will say that all the times I stayed up late when I could have been sleeping now haunt me, as Lucy and Calvin take turns getting up in the middle of the night very loudly. My wife claims that most of the time I am out of town they sleep fine, though their notoriety has pretty much scared away any trustworthy overnight babysitters.

There it is, in a nutshell. There are details, of course – I spent four years as a state government hack, working first for the state senate then for the Port Authority, prior to graduate school, but it was not as much fun as helping to redeploy assets efficiently in our market economy, often over the protestations of the managers if not the owners. The strongest political statement I will make is to admit to occasionally laughing at Mark Russell’s jokes, though that is sure to spark some sort of partisan debate, in the same way that admitting that one finds Gallagher’s special brand of humor amusing.

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