It seems that the College does a good job of thanking those who work hard at making it so special.

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass., May 19, 2003 — Williams College honored its employees at its annual appreciation day on Tuesday, May 6. The celebration included a commemorative luncheon at the Williams Inn for employees completing their 5th, 10th, 15th, or 20th year of service. In the evening, employees celebrating their 25th year of service and those retiring from the college were honored with dinner at the Mill on the Floss.

The Kane family owes special thanks to Mary Winston (retiring from OCC) and Fatma Kassamali (celebrating 25 years at OCC). I would wager that:

1) It has been a challenging couple of years at OCC.
2) “Fatma Kassamali” is the coolest name in all of Williamstown. Not that “Mary Winston” isn’t a perfectly nice name too . . .

It is also worth noting that there are no faculty in this celebration. That is, the college is only celebrating non-faculty “employees” here. I have mixed feeings about that. On the one hand, faculty are “employees”, just as their W-2’s confirm. Why wouldn’t a faculty member who has been there for 10 years deserve an invitation to the luncheon? On the other hand, faculty are special in their role at the college, so perhaps it is fit and proper that there be some other celebration just for them.

Alas, our own Brooks Foehl is not listed among the honorees.

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