Ellen O’Connell sent in this info:

In response to someone’s inquiry into the exact meaning of gala for Saturday night. Thsounds a whole lot fancier than what is intended for the Saturday dinner. Remember for 4 years we walked around sweats — often with Williams emblazoned on it as if we were to be lost someone would know where to return us. Everyone should be shod, but beyond that blue blazer/cocktail dress or the 2003 version of that.

Here’s the point – Come to reunion to relax, reminisce, pick up where you left off, & enjoy the company of your classmates and their families.

This blog seems to encourage a bit of self-absorption so in offering my congratulations to Suz Mc., I’ll note that Jonathan shares my birthday and just beats my birth weight. The one time I topped the charts (well and in that “easy” Jake House picture).


1) This wasn’t quite a Eph Blurb, but it was still way better than the (missing) material that we have received from most members of the reunion committee.

2) “Self-absorbtion?” Who can Ellen be talking about? ;-)

3) “Blue blazer?” I can’t speak for others, but I will be in shorts at the gala, unless either a) the Massachusetss weather continues its current pattern (47 degrees and raining) or b) my wife makes other plans.

4) Speaking of Suz MacCormac and self-absorbtion, Suz’s birthday was 2 days ago. If you happen to be out in San Francisco, you should get her an Oreo Frappe with chocolate syrup. They’re her favorite.

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