Sad to see that Renzie Lamb, ex-Marine and long-time lacrosse coach, has retired. Best part of the record article is:

Lamb, too, remembers that banquet fondly, but his fondest memories are of his times teaching at Williams. “The most memorable moment when I was here was in my Phys. Ed. classes,” Lamb said. “The person who, at the end of six weeks, comes up to me and says, ‘Thanks coach, I love squash,’ that’s special. A captured soul, required to be there, giving me attendance, and I’m able to get them to see something new, that’s memorable. That will be what I miss the most.

“I’d like to think that Mark Hopkins, when he was done sitting on that log, that the student walked away thinking, ‘I loved that time.’ If they said that to Mark Hopkins, and said that to me now, then it’s been a good life,” Lamb said.

Of course, I also enjoyed:

A former Marine, Lamb brought the lessons he learned there with him to campus. It was about a sense of camaraderie, but also about taking responsibility. And Lamb was the first to show that responsibility. “I’ve bailed kids out of jail,” the coach said. “It used to be, whenever a kid got in trouble for doing donuts on Cole Field, they’d think, who can we call? Call Coach Lamb.”

If I can’t get the college to hire me as a token right-wing professor, perhaps the ex-Marine-who-bails-kids-out-of-jail spot is now open.


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