I’m a little reluctant to post my Eph blurb after the suggestion that the blog has a tendency toward self-absorption, but I promised David I’d do this about a week ago and I don’t want to renege! :)

Tracy Heilman’s Eph Blurb:

I moved to Chicago right after graduation and started working at the Sachs Group, a startup health care information company. I had found the opportunity through a somewhat chance encounter with a Williams alum. I had no intention of getting into the health care information field, but the opportunity to work at a small, startup company getting exposure to a variety of jobs was appealing. It turned out to be a pivotal choice. I stayed there for 5 years, during which the company grew from 15 to 75 people, and I had just about every job under the sun except hardcore tech stuff and sales. I finally left to go to b-school at Kellogg.

After about a year of living in Chicago, I met my future husband, Ray. (I can actually trace our meeting back to Andy Garrow…long story!) We ended up getting married about 5 or 6 years later, after I finished grad school. We pretty much did everything backwards – bought a building together, got a dog, and then got married.

After Kellogg, I went to Deloitte Consulting’s health care practice in Chicago. I loved the work, but the lifestyle stunk (too much time on out of town projects in less than glamorous venues!). I left after almost 2 years…to go back to the Sachs Group. I returned at a great time, as the company was trying to figure out new ways of delivering their information, and the Internet was where they turned. I ended up immersing myself in Internet product development and loving it. After a few years of designing products, going through a merger, and seeing the company change pretty substantially, I decided to leave (again!).

Despite being an incredibly risk-averse person, I joined 3 of my former Sachs colleagues to start my current company, Subimo. While we don’t have the best timing (we started up right as the dot com bubble burst!), we really do have a “dream team” that has vision and gets things done. We provide information that helps consumers make better health care decisions, and it’s been fun to be at the forefront of an emerging trend. I am lucky to be able to work from home – usually in my PJ’s or running clothes, with my dogs (Codi and Boston, both Black Labs) at my feet…kind of makes up for the low “salary” afforded a startup partner (not exactly sure Ray would agree, but…!)

A few years ago, Ray and I were really fortunate to purchase some property in Maine that had belonged to my great uncle. It is on a lake in a rural part of Maine, and we love the contrast between it and the city…I really can have the best of both worlds, especially since I’m able to work out there and spend more time there than I otherwise could.

That’s my last 15 years in a nutshell. Looking forward to hearing more from the rest of you!

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