Ellen O’Connell provided the following update on reunion options:

While it is great if people can come for the whole weekend, we understand that maybe only one day is available. To that end, we have a slightly different pricing structure. In advance thanks for your assistance. There are two ‘partial weekend’ options that reduce costs somewhat.

Option 1: Will be there 1 evening (either arriving Friday, leaving Sat.during the day or arriving Sat. and leaving Sun. during the day): Cost: $120 alum, $100 adult guest, $35 kids

Option 2: Saturday day only (Sat. day events and meals, all logo items Doesn’t include any alcohol or any evening meals.Cost: $80 alum, $60 adult guest, $20 kids

To do that registering you need to register on paper and confirm with Ben Miller or me Ellen O’Connell (I have a copy of the paper form) if you want to do one of the partial weekend options so we can alert the folksin the alumni office to expect a partial payment.

The on-line payment system can’t handle anything but the standard, full-weekend costs.

I should also note that your friendly neighbood bloggers (Tracy, Kim and me) stand ready to post any information like this, as well as Eph Blurbs. Unfortunately, we are not technically sophisticated enough to make it simple for our loyal readers to post things, but, if you e-mail any of us, we will post.

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