Apologies for the lack of posts, but we have had some (more) problems with our provider, Blogger. Ben Miller wrote in with this update:

Laura (Wefing) Brady was our sole registrant for Friday, but she made up for it by bringing along an entourage of 5 others as well! Some people travel in style!

If any of your friends haven’t registered yet, please encourage them to do so right away. Remember that you can register online at here. Also, see the entry from Ellen O’Connell on May 29 for options if you do not plan to spend the entire weekend at the reunion.

PLEASE, do NOT mail checks and/or paper registration forms in after Saturday 6/7/03..because they might not arrive before Thursday.


1. Register online (if you’re able to come for the whole weekend)
2. E-mail Ben, Jack or Ellen and let us know you’re coming, then pay at the
door. (Ben_Miller at monitor.com; jadaph at yahoo.com; eoconnell at pasesetter.com)

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