Willa Morris was kind enough to e-mail me about the status of the blog.

Surprisingly enough, traffic to the blog has kept up, even after the reunion. I am not quite sure what to make of this. Part of me is pleased. Part of me is tired.

Mostly though, the blog has been a nice proof-of-concept for me about the desirability of using new technology to better connect the Williams family. I think that many alums would like to increase the depth and breadth of their connections to Williams. I know that many Williams students would benefit from increased interaction with the alumni. My next project is actually to work on this in a more substantive way, perhaps in conjunction with the Williams tutorial program.

Whither the blog?

Well, as long as people find the material hear worth reading, I can hardly resist posting. So, I guess that the blog will live on, at least for the summer. I’ll present a more formal plan later this week. There is also a chance that the blog will be taken over by the class of 1989 (my wife’s class) for their reunion. I will also be trying to work with my father’s class on their 50th reunion planning.

In any event, thanks for your continuing patronage. This blog would not have been nearly as successful without the many contributions that we received from readers all around the world.

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