The College has posted a whole bunch of good stuff about gradutation, including the full text of the speeches given. Again, I am not sure how many people actually use this, but I certainly appreciate it. Perhaps my only suggestion for next year is to do things a little quicker.

The images are fun to look at, although there isn’t realy a good shot of my favorite scene: the graduates, having received their diplomas, walking out through the line of clapping faculty.

I would be a poor former student indeed if I didn’t highlight a picture of Jim Burns, looking resplendant in his Harvard robes.

I am not sure if this is a picture of students trying to sing The Mountains without knowing the words, but, if it is, I know a solution!

The speeches overall were fine, but not great. This isn’t to say that I could have done any better. One thing that might make them better is to have one or two of the speeches be awarded in competition. (I don’t think any of them are, but I could be wrong about the Phi Beta Kappa speaker.) Basic idea is that instead of having avote for class speaker, you have a competition, open to all seniors, in which a comittee (including perhaps both students and faculty) listens to all comers and chooses the best. Harvard does this and it seems to work quite well.

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