I see David is working on a posting regarding and fulfilling Mike Harrington’s request for fodder for his final (boo hoo!) class notes submission. If you want to be part of this historic event, please send him info/thoughts/reunion reviews, etc. to MRHarrington_at_mintz.com (replace the “_at_” with @ – we are trying to protect him from the spammers!) Here is Mike’s request verbatim:

I’m putting together my final…sniff…class notes for the Alumni Review and it includes (obviously) thoughts about Reunion. Given the large number of people who made it to the Purple Valley a few weeks ago, I wasn’t able to talk to everyone and I want to make sure I encompass stories about people I might not have had a chance to catch up with. So…I’m sending out this e-mail to see if you have anything you’d like included in the column. I’d appreciate any thoughts, stories, reminisces, etc. (gossip?!) you have (and it doesn’t even have to be about the reunion).

Thanks and have a great Fourth of July!


P.S. I’m working off the registration list for the reunion (which may not have been complete up to date), so there’s a chance you were included in this list even if you didn’t attend. Feel free to send any other news you’d like to see in the Review.

P.P.S. My deadline is creeping up so if you could get me something in the next day or two, I’d appreciate it!

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