Outgoing class secretary Mike Harrington is looking for reunion tidbits for his last column. You should all e-mail him something. But, for immediacy (and arbitrary length) of publishing, nothing beats the blog. Here are my thoughts on Williams C, 15 years later (apologies for any mistakes, spelling and otherwise).

There were 24 freshmen (as we were called then) in Williams C in the fall of 1984. Here is an update, floor by floor, as best I know. Starting from the top, we have Chris Jones, Kurt Oeler, Charlie Kaplan and Blake Robison. Only Chris made it to the reunion. He is married to classmate Cecilia Malm (also at reunion) and they have a lovely daughter named Emma. Chris continues to teach math at Horace Mann High School in NYC. We threw around the frisbee a bit although, just as it was 15 years ago, he throws much better than I. I did not see Kurt or Charlie or Blake at the reunion. Kurt (at CNET) and Blake (teaching theatre at the University of Tennessee) have made appearences in the blog before. According to Chris, Charlie is working as an architect in New York City.

On the third floor were, in one suite, Ken Marcus, Dan Pyror, Stan Macel and David (DJ) Johnson. I only saw Ken at the reunion, with new fiancee/wife (not sure which) whom I was happy to regale with tales of Ken’s somewhat unusual philosophical past. She claimed to be fuly informed on the issue. Ken is the Deputy Assistant Secretary at HUD and still manages to get mentioned in places like National Review. Dan graduated ’89, I think. DJ went on to medical school and is now a high speed surgeon somewhere, but my information is spotty on this. In the other suite were me, Ed Leung, Cary May (let him rest in peace) and Josh Mellon. Unfortunately, I did not see Ed or Josh at reunion. Ed also ended up graduating with the class of 1989. When last we exchanged Christmas cards, he was married, living outside Boston and the proud father of 3 boys. Josh is married with a young son and living in Tennessee.

On the second floor were our JA’s Sarah Suchman and Annie MacDonald along with Jean Janson, Sonja Lengnick, Janet Mansfield and Ellen Lee. I didn’t see any of these folks at the reunion. I occasionally run into Jean in the Boston suburbs. She is married to a class of ’87 alum (Davis somebody or other). Sonja made an appearence in the blog (lawyer in Seattle) and, according to her e-mail, is on maternity leave.

On the first floor were KK Roeder, Lisa Klem, Julie McGuire, Willa Morris, Julie Cranston, Sara Hansen, Virginia Demaree and Anne Carson (who ended up graduating with ’89). I caught up with Lisa, Julie McGuire and Willa at reunion. Julie Cranston lives in the Boston suburbs (see here Eph Blog for more details). Sara Hansen (now Wilson) is a lawyer in San Francisco. Lisa told fascinating stories about working as a federal prosecutor in NYC, specializing in organized crime cases. She flew off to stange cities to meet ne’re-do-wells in the witness protection program. Julie McQuire is still running her coffee house (Zanzibars) in Des Moines, Iowa. It is always great fun for me to talk with Julie about the nuts and bolts of running a small business.

Certainly the award for most read-about (in some sense) member of Williams C must go to Willa Morris. Fans of John Grisham will have noted that Willa was thanked in the acknowledgements for A Street Lawyer, a recent Grisham bestseller. She has been active n social work in Washington DC for many years. She provided Grisham with much of the background material for how DC operates. Attentive readers of the book will have noted that the love-interest for the hero is clearly modeled on Willa, both in terms of job description (running a women’s shelter) and even physical appearence.

Now, if at least one member of each entry could provide a similar update. Mike and Russ would have things to write about for a long time to come . . .

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