Ace correspondent George Tolley notes that:

Lots of pictures of reunion available here — good blog fodder, if you’re still looking for that.

Thumbing through the thumbnails, I found only a paltry few pix that I could identify as being of members of our class. There were more pictures of some guy in a purple cow suit than of our class.

Nevertheless, there are a few, mostly identifiable without serious eye strain by our telltale purple fleece vests. Of the ones I could identify, there was one of Kerri Kazak and her husband wheeling their two children down Spring St. (no. 123), and at least two pix of Joyce Noonan Anderson and her brood (nos. 78 and 131). Also no. 125, but for the life of me I can’t tell who that is. There may be others — kids and such unidentifiable as belonging to our class due to the absence of any buttons, fleece vests, captions or other identifying information.


1) I am always looking for fodder, blog-related and otherwise.

2) The proud papa of twin girls is our own favorite Williams chemistry professor, Tom Smith, who had all sorts of interesting stories to tell at out table at the Gala Dinner on Saturday at Reunion.

3) I would also be remiss (and a bad father) if I failed to note these two cuties, hard at work in arts and craft. George has assured me that the admissions office will look kindly on both their race and their artistic talents a decade from now.


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