In the category of Williams-grad-makes-good, it is nice to note that Susan Schwab ’76 has been nominated by President Bush to be the next deputy Treasury Secretary (the number 2 job in the department). The Washington Post notes that:

Schwab, 48, has been dean of the School of Public Affairs for eight years, moving there from Motorola Inc., where she was director of corporate business development. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Williams College, a master’s from Stanford University and a PhD from the George Washington University School of Business and Public Management.

If there was ever a job that the Williams Political Economy major (Schwab was one) could be said to prepare one for, it is Deputy Treasury Secretary. This article, although dated, provides a nice overview of Schwab’s career. Note especially the praise from future Nobel prize winner in economics Tom Schelling.

Next year’s seniors in political economy would be foolish not to (try to) make use of Schwab for their Washington work.

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