Herb Allen’s ’62 annual media shin-dig is going on. The NYT reports that:

Like a gaggle of migratory birds, dozens of private jets return each July to the tiny airport in nearby Hailey, Idaho. There they unload titans of finance and the information industries, like Warren E. Buffett, Bill Gates and Michael D. Eisner, for a week of meetings, mountain biking and barbecued burgers here in Sun Valley. It is part of the annual media mogul summer camp organized by the investment banker Herbert Allen.

Allen (generous benefactor of the College’s new theatre and dance complex) has been running this confab for many years. Although I am sketchy about the details (alas, despite the blog, my standing as future media mogul has gone unnoticed), I think that the basic deal is that Allen (via his investment banking firm Allen & Company) invites media bigwigs and their families to Sun Valley. Allen pays for everything. Much schmoozing and deal-making follows.

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