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In any event, the monthly eph-notes is out. I am unaware of any place on the web where this is posted, so I can’t link to it directly. My favorate part was this:

Robert C.L. Scott, the J. Leland Miller Professor of History, Literature, and Eloquence, emeritus, passed away on June 21 in Lenox, Mass. He was 90. A Williams professor from 1946 to 1978, Scott inspired countless students and faculty members as long-time chair of the department, dean of first-year students, and Dean of the College. Scott was an early advocate of abolishing fraternities and admitting female students to Williams.

I know nothing of Bob Scott, but he certainly appears to have been on the side of the angels. This obituary is The Transcript is a charming read. My favorite parts:

Mr. Scott also served as dean of freshman, and in 1954 and 1955, was dean of the college. Starting as acting chairman of the History Department, 1955-57, he assumed the chairmanship in 1958, a position he held until 1968. Mr. Scott successfully advocated abolishing fraternities at Williams, feeling they were too exclusive and divisive. He also strongly supported accepting women at Williams. The first year he had a woman in his class, Mr. Scott said, “The performance and attention of the young men has never been better.”

In 1990, Mr. Scott and his terrier, Puck, moved to Kimball Farms, where he served as the first president of the Kimball Farms Residents Association. Each year until about a year ago, he taught a popular history course to his fellow residents. In 1996, The New York Times did a story on him, “Retired Professor Teaches History to Those Who Lived It.”

I can’t find the Times article on-line. It seems a shame that Scott was not in better contact with Williams students during the last decades of his life. I am sure that they and he would have benefited from the interaction.

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