In terms of Williams graduates doing interesting things, I thought this article about Bob Jeffrey (whose class I don’t know but whose age would put him at about 1992) was interesting. Jeffrey is the “on-site tournament director for the Professional Golfer’s Association of America,” a job which involves worrying about every detail of a golf tournament. Best parts of the article include:

It’s a demanding job, one that takes a politician’s social skills, a bookkeeper’s attention to detail and an insomniac’s ability to stay awake while exhausted.

In tournament terms, Jeffrey was a ” swamper,” someone who did just about everything from putting up bleachers to ridding the course of rattlesnakes.

Yes, rattlesnakes.

” You have a long pole with a rope,” he says. ” You put the rope around their necks and put them in a bag and take them out into the desert. They really do rattle. The little ones are vicious.”

The rattlesnakes did not discourage Jeffrey from golf, and he has been behind the scenes with the sport ever since.

Alas, there are no details about what at Williams prepared Jeffrey for this role, but organizing Mission House rec-room parties comes immediately to mind . . .

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